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BDCM Delivery System Analysis
BDCM created this matrix to clearly identify the differences between various Contract Delivery Systems.  Much of this is based upon accepted AIA standards.  The benefits and disadvantages of one methodology verses another can be weighed within the context of this matrix.

Sample BDCM Change Order Worksheet

This sample worksheet is a key element to successfully negotiating change orders on large scale projects.  This example is a $6 million dollar change order that would have been too ominous to track without the proper tools and is based on an actual change order.  The names of the parties have been changed.

Sample BDCM Contractor Budget Monitor

This is one of many formats available to us based on size and scope of a given project.  What is viewed here is the summary sheet.  The detail tabs for each CSI code are hidden from view, but the total values for each trade carry to the summary sheet.

Sample BDCM General Condition Worksheet

A key tool for the CM and the Owner, as it depicts, in great detail, all of the general contractor’s costs associated with mobilization and on-going costs through the course of construction.

Sample BDCM Project Schedule

One of the most valuable tools for the CM is the schedule.  This represents just one of many formats available.  There are master and detailed schedules that depict various activities and that ultimately define the critical path of the project in general, as well as the work to be undertaken.

Sample BDCM ROM Estimate

Occasionally there is a need to provide “rough order of magnitude” pricing for work not yet commissioned.  This enables an owner to decide if the work desired to be undertaken can be executed within the framework of a given budget.  This is an example of one provided for an international food court at a motion picture studio.

BDCM Restaurants Resume

This document contains a list of food service establishments that were completed by BDCM’s co-founder, Cary B. Baker, dating back to 1970.


"BDCM is capable of providing any of the following services individually or in any combination thereof in order to meet the requirements of your contract and to achieve the desired outcome.”

  • Construction Management

- Conduct Regular Meetings with General Contractor
- Review, Process & Route Contractor’s RFI’s
- Review, Process & Route Contractor’s Submittals
- Manage all Communications & Document Control
- Change Management - Change Order Analysis & Negotiation
- Review Contractor’s Master & Monthly Schedule Updates
- Reply to Monthly Schedules with Fragnets and Narratives
- Track Cost Loading & Man-Power Loading as Relates to Schedule
- Manage Architectural / Engineering C/A Team Replies to GC
- Manage A/E Additional Services Agreements for Owner
- Manage Inspectors of Record & Review Daily Inspection Reports
- Manage Contractual Issues, Claims & Disputes on behalf of Owner
- Manage Scope Changes
- Provide Timely Recommendations to Owner
- Review & Approve Schedule of Values for Payment to Contractor
- Manage QA/QC
- Manage Project Closeout

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Phasing Analysis
  • Project Scheduling (Design & Construction)
  • Budgeting & Cost Tracking
  • Conceptual & Design Progress Estimating
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Value Engineering Services
  • Construction Administration
  • Design & Engineering Team Management
  • Code Research & Analysis
  • Liaise with Municipalities



“BDCM is both a licensed General & Electrical Contractor”

“We hold the designation of Small Business Enterprise”



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